Monday, 27 June 2011

More sledges and things

I always seem to press/click the PUBLISH button before I have finished. Why might you ask did my last post mention sledges?
Well I (along with two of my colleagues) have spent the day moving sledges from two floors up to one floor down - and not a snowflake in sight. In fact it has been the hottest day of the year so far. And this is where I have to point out the difference between libraries and museums. Books. Well they are rather easy to move around, catalogue and generally keep tabs on - child's play. Museum objects come in every shape and size - from the minute to the 'how do we move that?' or more like 'how on earth do I get that from here to there?' to the 'oh no, it won't fit! Then there's the cataloguing. usually no author, sometimes no title and no Dewey decimal or bliss system. Librarians have it easy. And that's without the physical side of the work - how often does a book weigh 250 kg? (and yes I know about that huge atlas the BL). Well I suppose it saves on subscriptions to the gym.
Oh well things are not always bad - there was the fun of recording the barrel organ ..... you'll have to wait for the next time I have time to blog.

Sledges and things

OK - so I was tired and I never find computers the easiest of things. Which is funny because I used to be a computer geek - in 1969-70 - and somehow things have changed. Fortunately a couple of glasses have restored my equilibrium.
OK - I'm ready to quit.
I hate everybody and computers in particular.
I go away for 3 days (a funeral of a very old and loved work colleague and friend if you do ask) and when I get back everything has gone - I have forgotten passwords, user names, everything - I am not even sure what my own name is now. It has taken me ages to get back to here. What I really do not understand is how everyone else seems to just go click, click and all is sweetness and light and I am still struggling after half an hour - uuuuuuummmmphffff
I think it is high time for a large shiraz (or two, or three.......). 

Thursday, 23 June 2011

thing 2

After the first adrenalin rush of doing your first post, of course, you suddenly realise that you have pressed (I suppose that should be 'clicked on') the PUBLISH button and realise that you have left something out - namely that I am not a librarian but a hapless museum person.
Well- this is my first post and my first blog. As with all things, setting it up was child's play and you wonder why you hadn't done it before. My excuse, or should that be excuses, is/are, time (there really does seem to be too much to do and never enough of it) and a bit of a Luddite (should that be Luddess?) attitude to new technology. So, reluctantly, I have to thank my colleague and cam23things for making me do it.
At this moment in time, I have absolutely no idea of what to say, so don't expect anything earth shattering over the next few week.
As i said, setting this up was pretty easy though I seem to have gathered yet another set of user names, titles and passwords - all of which I'll forget and have to trawl my brain for every time I sit down to do anything.